Breaking my vows

I very clearly remember that day about 2 years ago. I solemnly swore never to buy download patterns again. Never.

Yet here I am. And I remember why I swore in the first place.


Pants done



So the pants are done. Though the different shades of green didn’t match, they’re still kind of cool.




And the burgundy zipper contrasting with the green fabric, makes me happy every time I put them on.





ImageOk, so the pants are coming together, and let me tell you, there was some gawdawful lot of making the pattern match at the seams. BUT, oh horror, the green canvas I found to match the original fabric doesn’t match anymore. I love mixing colors, quite often in a breathtaking way, but they must MATCH- either by being different shades of the same hue (if you see what I mean) or a complete opposite. I’m very particular about this. Now as I was sewing last night I was surprised that the two greens didn’t go together but decided to keep working and look at them in daylight. Still don’t look good. I want the colors to enhance each other and these two don’t. Sigh. So no jacket to match the pants, that’s for sure.

My lucky day

I decided I would go for trousers using my boldly patterned cotton fabric. There wasn’t enough for the upper part which goes down to a triangle in the back, though, so I set off for some hunting. I buy most of my fabrics in thrift stores, and the secret of thrift store shopping is to buy what you find, not go looking for what you want. Today, however, I found just the green canvas I needed. And there’s enough for a jacket or a shirt to match the pants. Yay!Image



I bought this fabric with a dance costume in mind, but haven’t gotten around to it. Have lately considered trousers, but the cotton’s so thin I fear it won’t be heavy enough, even with double hems. A dress perhaps, since spring is coming?

Also, in the wrong direction, from a distance, the pattern gives a sensation of very blurry eyesight. The colors are so nice, though!

Diff’rent strokes

Foto-0887Note the two direction of stripes, also used the different shades of the two sides of the fabric to make a small contrast. I think I like these. Foto-0897 Foto-0890

Seems when I’ve made them before I didn’t put any extra allowance on the leg parts, but the wideness is really nice

Another sixties dress

claraochjag_nThe pink dress got ready for my party last Friday, and looks really nice. The little jacket that’s supposed to be used with it is more or less ready, but I managed to hem the sleeves inside out and lost interest for the time beingImageImage

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