Little red ridinghood


Here’s one of my Christmas gifts that were actually delivered on time. Only there’s two buttons still missing, that I’ve meant to sew on.

The adorable reciever is my nephew and his mom got a matching night gown.

Can’t help myself


I found this stray machine left to itself near a garbage station. I couldn’t resist it’s pleading eyes and took it home. A bit cocky with my previous experience of fixing a broken machine I thought maybe I could save this one as well?

After taking it apart, I’d say I can. It’s in good shape, but a lot of pieces are missing, such as the bobbin case, one of the gears, the pedal and the attatchement pieces for the needle and the foot. Buying all that new is more than I can afford at the moment, so I’ll just keep it for a while. Maybe I’ll find another one, and build them together to one.

Late Santa


I continue to finish Christmas presents. This is another use of the reflective thread yarn. Knitted this time.

Facing faces

I’ve been thinking of what to do with my embroidered faces. In the end i decided to just put them in a frame. There is something in the composition I don’t like, but I’ll put them on a wall and see if I can figure out how to rearrange them. Or maybe I will like it after a while.Foto-2042

The fabric I’ve emboidered on is a thrift shop find. I suppose someone made a chair seat and cut a cirkel out of it, because there were four corners left. I like the rounded line and wanted the coarse feeling of the fabric to be visible. This way, the shape of the fabric parts is a picture in itself.

She’s not a cow

My mom wanted a new swimming suit for x-mas, I volunteered to make one. I had this crazy fabric in my stash and she liked it.

I’ve copied an old swimming suit of hers, but am improving it. I have one with a built in sports bra that I love and am using the same idea for hers

So I’ve made a prototype in white (which is supposed to be lining) for her to try on.

This is what I truly enjoy in dress-making and art in general, to solve a problem and create something that didn’t exist before. As much as I see the benefits of following a pattern, I’m not creating. I follow directions which is not the same thing. To repeat myself bores me.

That said, I do use patterns, most of the time even. It’s practical, it’s fun. But it’s not creating. Unless I change something.

Glow-in-the-dark hat


Here’s another of the christmas presents I made this year, this one’s crocheted with Järbo’s reflective wool yarn as well.

It’s the same hat in the two pictures, hard to believe, but true. It’ll light up when car lights or, as in this case, a photo flash shines on it.

I had originally thought to make sort of a cap, but the reciever turned it backwards, I changed the brim to a flat rectangle that hangs down in the back to keep the neck warm. He claims to be very happy with it.

The sun is a star, right?

I found some wool yarn with reflective thread in it and made some x-mas presents out of that. This is one of them, a free hand crocheted sun to be sewn onto a jacket or something. When it’s light it looks like regular white yarn, but when it’s dark it shines like a star.


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