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I’m experinenting wiith embroidery. The two faces are on the same piece of fabric, on each side. I haven’t decided yet whic should be front and which should be back. I’m making half cross stitches on the one side, making them a little irregular since I want to create a feeling for skin with an uneven surface. Right now the diagonal ones seem more like hair to me, so i’m leaning towards using the back as front.

Not just any cushion


Isn’t this fabulous?

A neighbour gave me this. It’s a pin cushion made from a tin or a beer can.

I’m in awe

It’s alive!


I did it!

Here are the brittle, broken machine parts all in plastic that had to be replaced on a Singer 533. It took some time.

When the new parts came I tried to take the old ones out. Didn’t work, the screwdrivers didn’ get a grip. So my son finds one that he once got with a Donald Duck magazine, and that one fit. Good thing we never throw anything out in this house.. When looking closer I realized those round little holes where actually tiny hex screws, so I went to my mom’s  place to borrow her keys. The 2 was to small and the 3 to big, was there a 2,5 to be found? Went to the store to get one, nope the 2,5 didn’t fit either. Found out there are actually metric and inch size hex screws. Who wudda known? I always figured they were just numbers. Anyway ebay had the inch sized ones. Ah at last progress.

Ok, so the parts had to be taken off in a certain order since some of the drives are sitting on long bars, passing through holders and….and so on. But I did it. I got them all off and the new ones on.

Today I was going to see if it worked to sew.

Nah. The fabric wouldn’t feed and move forward. Were any of the parts sitting backwards or something? Then I tried to reverse and that went fine so nothing wrong with the feeding gear then. Disappointed and frustrated I searched the internet and Heureka! A function for special stitches was apparently on, put that on zero and YES!

It’s loud compared to my Husqvarna, but it’s working.

And i added sewing machine repair person to my CV


Sketching a master plan

I’m working on a new dress up project for a statue like this one and this


Since the statues so far have been less than life size, and don’t have moveable limbs, I’ve had to come up with the patterns myself, This has been an unexpected freedom. When I started sewing I made my own patterns, but with experience I just realized that the professional ones were so much better and had thought of all sorts of details for a better fit (Duh) These days I adjust existing patterns to get the look I want.

But it’s been refreshing going back to drawing patterns and even more to cutting the fabric free hand. It’s faster for one thing.

Cross eyed

I’ve felt an urge to do embroidery for quite a while. Last summer I found this pillow case with a cross-stitch print on it and started to fill in some of the crosses, Foto-1939I hope to finish that one soon:) When I tried to do the same on plain pillow cases the woven threads were WAY to thin for me to see so I gave up. This blog really got me inspired, though and now I’ve found this really coarse linen and I’ll be damned if I can’t see these threads enough to make something out of it.Foto-1940

I also got me some reading glasses.

A skirt


Another statue dressed up. I’m enjoying this.

Left with a sash


So someone took the dress and left the sash. How am I to interpret this?

  • They wanted the dress. It’s quite small, though, the statue is less than a half size person, and it’s not sewn together in the sides, so it would still need a belt to hold it together.
  • They saw my puting a dress on the statue as a political statement against nude females in public, ripped the dress off and left the sash in her hand as if she were a stripper, letting go of her last piece of clothing. Thus pointing out that females should be naked in public
  • They thought it was time for a change, the dress had been on for almost a week
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