Left with a sash


So someone took the dress and left the sash. How am I to interpret this?

  • They wanted the dress. It’s quite small, though, the statue is less than a half size person, and it’s not sewn together in the sides, so it would still need a belt to hold it together.
  • They saw my puting a dress on the statue as a political statement against nude females in public, ripped the dress off and left the sash in her hand as if she were a stripper, letting go of her last piece of clothing. Thus pointing out that females should be naked in public
  • They thought it was time for a change, the dress had been on for almost a week

Splitting up to go One Direction


This dress is in my mending box. I made it about two years ago, having sat on the fabric for quite a while because I loved it so much,

I couldn’t decide on which direction I wanted the squares, so I choose both. Or wasn’t there enough fabric to do it all in One Direction? Whichever the reason was, I spent plenty of time at matching the different rows of squares. And because of that careful matching, there wasn’t much allowance for seam allowance. Wouldn’t matter, I thought, there’s not going to be any strain on the seams running around the skirt anyways, right?


WRONG. Maybe there wasn’t much strain on thos seams, but with hardly any seam allowance they break. That’s how it is. So I’ll have to take the skirt off. And then what? Make it a blouse? I don’t know, but it seems a shame not to use this lovely print in whichever diretion it will go.

Sleepless no more


Paddy K has trouble sleeping in the bright nights of the northern hemisphere. i made him this sleeping mask, it’s lined with white linen for comfort, but the outside has a decadent touch to it, I think.

Getting dressed


This statue is near my subway station. I thought she looked a bit cold, so I made a dress for her

The postman always rings twice


As much as I love my vintage sewing machines, so far I’ve left the serving of them to professionals. But when I was given this beauty for free, I wanted to make sure the cost of service would be worth it, so I decided to take a look myself. How hard can it be?I found a manual online, as well as blogs for working on sewing machines and set to work.

The previuous owner claimed it worked, but worked too slow. I thought there would be a reduced speed function as I have on my Husqvarna but couldn’t find a knob for it, and no info of that in the manual, so it had to be an inner issue. Taking off one cover at a time, I found it wasn’t really dirty, and putting some oil on all moving parts had the desired effect, the speed was picking up with every try


As I came to the end, however, I realized there was a broken part in the feeding function and some other parts with signs of old age. Ah, the sixties and seventies and their happy use of plastic instead of steel!

But by now I’m seiously hooked and have oredered replacement parts. Anxiously waiting for the postman

Fitting issues

I’ve mentiioned before how I love mending, and this is a related topic. When I first made this dress, the bust darts were too high, (I’ve discussed reasons for that here). It made the dress a bit snug and flattens my chest a little, I’ve long thought about moving those seams but were top lazy. Until today.


I tried the dress on and marked where my highest bust point were. I then ripped the seams and pressed a new fold from right before the highest point to where the fold had started before, I drew a line with a pen and a liner to make it easier to sew and ta daa! Much better fit. Why did I take so long to do this?

Turquoise redo


I stumbled upon this dress in the bargain box at a thrift store. It has one shoulder strap missing, which I suppose is the reason it was in the box. I don’t normally like polyester or ruffles, but something with the color and how it’s cut got my attention.


I don’t like the remaining pearl spaghetti strap so I’ll take that away and do something else. Although I could  get the dress on, I couldn’t move in it, so I’ll have to losen it a little, luckily there’s plenty of fabric in the seams. We’ll see how it ends up

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