Like a broken record


Yes I know, I’ve been blogging of the same things for a while now. The plan was to have a lot ready for Pride week, but I didn’t manage, so the new plan is a market in August. Just keep swimming

And if they don’t sell, there are a lot of upcoming birthdays and even a Christmas if I’m not mistaken

3 is the magic number

Foto-1230And I’m really pleased with these



More trunks coming up! Notice the really cool waist elastic I bought from Bodil!

Celebrity meets

20140629_163930Really happy after my class yesterday with Beverly Johnson from Bramakers. This woman is a living oracle when it comes to pattern construction for bras and underwear. I’ve read her blog for years and bought supplies from the web store Bramakers supply I strongly recommend her site for anyone interested in this, and by all means, take a class with her if you can! Please not that I’m just a very happy customer.

And in two weeks, Dolly Parton is coming as well, although I doubt I’ll have the chance to be in the same picture as her.

Undergarments to show off


Two more Comox trunks, and the gift is complete.

Even the 15-year old was impressed and claimed to want some. The ultimate compliment, I say.

Buttons and needles and pins, oh my!

Foto-1204 Foto-1205 Foto-1208For years I’ve wanted one of these, and at last I found one! Complete with random buttons, pins, thread and a cut out dress ready to put together. I feel like a child at Christmas.

To be Madonna. Or almost

Done! A favorite alreadyFoto-1196


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