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The shorts are finished and i’m mighty pleased with them. Need a better picture to show them off, though, they look a lot more classy in real life:)Image

I made them about 5 cm (2″) longer than the pattern, they’re supposed to be for sunbathing I guess, if you look at the cover.


A combination!

I started with the shorts and will do the shorts-shirt-combo to start with. I’m really excited about this one!Image

What’s coming up? Here’s what

What's coming up? Here's what

Footprints in the sand

This dress got quite nice after I finished it and modified the stupid pattern I had used.Image

It’s the same fabric I once made a shirt out of, but didn’t realize I had some left.

The pattern of the fabric is so awesome I just wanted a no-nonsense model .From the back it’s even cuterImage

The magician

Yesterday at a dance event I saw a girl wearing a lovely, green sixties-style dress with a twenties air to it. It had a pretty wide collar and a low waist. I asked if I could take a picture of it but she said no, so I’ve just made a rough sketch out of memory.

On the way home, my friend said “what? you mean you know how a dress is made just from looking at it?”

well, yes. that’s sort of the point:)


I was wrong!

I was wrong all along. Burda 2582 is not a favorite pattern. The neckline is really boring, the shoulders are way too wide and the over all shape of the dress is not really flattering.


Oh well, start the modifications. What I have used and am really pleased with is this pearl, vintage stil 5357


I used it for the demanding dress as well as this one.

Now I know.

Tracing darts and markings

Let’s face it, I’m lazy, and when it came to markings on the patterns I would think I’d remember where they sat or just put at needle as a guide. Well. Years of experience have taught me that the more careful I am with copying the pattern and paying attention to details, the better the result (duh!) So how to trace the markings on to the fabric? Part of my reluctance to do it had to do with a lack of method.

This is how I do it these days: First I tape the markings on both sides of the paper to protect it. Then I put marking paper underneath and on top of the fabric,  (I usually do it on double/folded fabric in order to only have to do it once and to get them the same).Image

The paper pattern on top, I trace the lines with a dull pen, usually a bic pen with the tip tucked in, Imageand the tracings come neatly onto the fabric. easy to follow when I sew.Image










On vintage patterns there are quite often holes instead of lines. With those I mark dots, using the same technique in order not to ruin the paper. Sometimes I tape as well so I won’t accidentally rip the paper.Image

Size that matters

Ever thought of the measurements of the sizes of sewing patterns? Going by centimeters only, I’m a perfect 42(16). Only when the dress is put together I always need to do the same alterations- I need to take in the hips and the bust-darts are too high.

I’ve come to realize that the person the pattern is made for doesn’t look like me. I have rather a full bust and not a very accentuated waist. I’m also in pretty good shape (I’m a dancer). The imagined 42 have smaller breasts (sitting higher up- get it?) and the hips in a different shape although the centimeters are the same.

Knowing this, I can make the alterations beforehand, although when working with new patterns I usually go with the pattern at first- prefer to cut off pieces afterwards instead of not having enough.

When I compare vintage patterns to new ones, however, there is one big difference- the dresses from the fifties and before are supposed to be worn with a corset underneath!Image

Ain’t he sweet?

ImagePaddy’s white linen trousers are done. Or almost. He wants to wear them with braces/suspenders so I’ll put some buttons on for those.

The demanding dress

This dress demanded to be made, so I let itImageImage

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