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Green silk dress

Behold! I’m not in it and the photo isn’t awesome, but it’s done!Image


Details, details

ImageImageWell, well, well, if my twenties dress isn’t just about ready! One last detail to sew on, iron and…tomorrow I’ll get some help taking pictures with me in it.

I’ve hand sewn more than I usually do which has taken forever, but had the good in it that my hand sewing has improved (unless it’s the other way around).

I needed a patch to cover a waistband that was just too short and used decoration seams instead of sequins in order to match the neck-lining.


Seams strange

I’m finishing off my dress, and for  decorative seam around the neck I choose nr 2 down at the far left.Image

Much to my surprise another seam came out, but I decided to keep it since tearing it up might make the fabric or seamline go ugly. Image

Even more to my surprise, I notice after a while the machine is making the seam I originally choose! Luckily the transition is at one of the shoulders, so now the front looks slightly different from the back. Maybe the machine is getting a little bit worn?Image

Pink panther

ImageYesterday, reading sewlovable’s post about peachskin, I was reminded of a pair of pants I once made of that material- it’s a thin, yeat heavy, shiny polyester with a matte finish. As a rule, polyester is not one of my favorites, but this is an exception. The pants are bell bottoms with a red lace closing in the front. Need some mending so I haven’t used them for a while, but decided they were perfect for my Halloween outfit as Jimmy Savile. My friends are PaddyK and Sonik

Flapper dress on it’s way II


The dress is taking form, but gosh it takes time when it’s design, pattern construction, sewing and problem solving all at once. What to do when there isn’t enough fabric for instance:Image

Award and some advertisments

Kelly S was kind enough to  nominate me for a Liebster Blogging award. Actually it was quite a while ago, but I never seem to get back to passing it on – guess I’ll just call it defeat.

Instead I’d like to take the opportunity to name a few sites I’ve found useful during the years. Note- I don’t make any profit out of this, just a happy customer.

First of all The bra makers supply. They have patterns, materials, classes …  literally everything you need for making your own bras and swimwear. I’ve bought from them on several occasions and have never been anything but happy. a site with lots of patterns at reasonable prices for downloading or mail. They sell several reprints of vintage patterns stamped with the year and everything.

And if you’re in Stockholm (Sweden), don’t miss Rydströms sybehör a lovely, very small shop, completely packed with anything you might need for sewing and at very good prices.


In  nutshell, the Liebster blogging award is given by bloggers to other bloggers, with under 200 followers, to help promote new bloggers, and spread appreciation and recognition in the blogging world.


The polka dot experience


I made this dress for last Christmas and was really pleased with it. However, since the pattern wasn’t my size I enlarged it and apparently enlarged it too much- I think the knots on my shoulders are too big. After seeing Zibergirl’s version of the dress, I want to make another one, here’s the pattern, a reprint from 1953:


La vie est trop courte pour s’habiller triste

ImageWearing the blouse and the shorts together makes me feel like I’m in a french movie from the sixties. My eldest son got a bit worried at first, but was relieved to find out it was a two-piece and not a jump suit.

The collar is a scrap piece from this skirt, so i figured they would go well togetherImage

Flapper dress on it’s way

I’ve been working on the slip and also on reattaching several pearls on the top that were coming off. I’m really excited about the way it looks. Have spent quite a bit of time on deciding what the skirt will be like, but think it will be a swirly model with some pleats.


Also- As I was working with the green shiny fabric it occurred to me that it didn’t seem to be the polyester I thought it was, so I burned a little and it actually seems to be silk. A bargain, since I bought it at goodwill.

Copy cat


Today I started working on the charleston dress I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Foto-0317I will use Stil 5357 as a base for the slip, but will modify it for a low waist and a bit more width over the knees. I decided to copy it onto some more durable pattern paper. after all it IS a vintage pattern and it’s become a tiny bit worn. Since I was anyway going to do the work, I added seam allowance and altered the bust darts so it will fit perfectly. yay me!

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