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Buttons and stuff

I got the last parts for the waistcoat yesterday. The nice lady at Rydströms does the buttons covered in my fabric for o price at all, and the buckles for the back are true vintage from her stash.Image



Wool lot a lovin


Wool is such a great material to work with. Every time I use it I wonder how come I ever choose something else. It lies still and in place while you chalk it, cut it and sew it. And can easily be pressed into shape. AND comfortable to wear. My all-time favorite.

Making ends meet

Some days are not about making new stuff. They’re all about mending what already is.Foto-0712 Foto-0711

Thank you!

Foto-0116Thank you Kleine kleinigkeiten   for being my one hundreth follower! Wow! I’m honored and very touched. I’ve had blogs before, but never this much interest:P so I guess I’ll just stay right here and enjoy the sunshine, the kindness and the cheering from other artists. Thank you all!

Camouflage pants

Foto-0687Working on the waistcoat for my son’s birthday, I need something I can pretend I’m working on when he accidentally shows up, So I’m working on these tea time pants at the same time. See how cleverly the pant’s fabric hides the wool on the chair in the living room?



Foto-0671 Foto-0673

Using the fine wool I found at Salvation Army I’m making a waistcoat for my son’s birthday.The fabric is a dark grey with light blue stripes, so I decided to use a lining in that same blue (colors show better in the picture below).

I’m using Simplicity 4762 which I bought as a download pattern a while ago, and I can’t recommend that!  You’d think it would be easy to just match the pieces together with the little markings on each sheet of paper- well it wasn’t. No matter how careful I was, some pieces just wouldn’t fit, and the finished pattern is really difficult to handle with all the taped printer papers.

And this was a fairly small item. No more downloads for me, that’s for sure!


Along with the car print, I also found a good quality wool for suits and one of my students gave me a pink wax print that she’d “had taking up shelf space, and since you sew so much i figured you could use it”


Well, thank you! The wool is going into a gift for an upcoming birthday, the wax print will make a pretty blouse!

The cars


When I saw this car, I knew I had to have it. On a pair of new pants. I love the dim, sky blue color, the simple design of the car and the white outlinings. When I came home with it, my son pointed out that the vehicles are placed in an intricate pattern, a so called circle. Wow! Again, wow!


Now I feel it would be a shame not to use the pattern, but for what? Perhaps a dress. Need to think about it. And oh, yeah, I realized it’s an IKEA print called Bitterblad, although I bought it at Salvation Army

Long time no sea


I love the sixties and I love OP. This is a two piece in a rather heavy stretch fabric. The opening for the head got a bit big so I made two pleats, which make a nice detail, I think. All purely my own design.




I like these pants a lot- when I have boots on. When I tried them on to see how much to hem, I was shocked to find them way too short, I like my bell bottoms to reach the ground more or less. A more careful look at the pattern image could have been a clue, but I missed that particular fashion sometime in the nineties.Image So today’s lesson is- always look at the drawing of the pattern, they may actually show what the finished item will look like:)

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