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Sweet dreams



When I found these fabrics cheap I knew I had to get them and make something for my kids (yes, they’re 21 and 23 but they are into musicals and pop culture in general:) I couldn’t figure out what, though. It’s very thin, meant for quilting I guess, but I prefer sewing clothes- home decoration is not for me.

And then I knew, pillow cases! So when they go to sleep they’ll dream about mum!

They’re both printed on the “wrong” direction (which may be why they were cheap…) but I solved it.


Party in pink


I started on this great outfit after some debating if I should really make another sixties dress since I don’t use a corset. Copying the pattern was really difficult, not to mention cutting it. Why? Glad you asked. Somehow I had forgotten how polyester always slides. This is a crepe, and you’d think it’d lay steady – NUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Will be really interesting to see if it fits at all. To complicate matters more, there isn’t enough fabric for the jacket, so I’ll need to decide how to compensate for that. Remind me again why this is fun?

Oh, yeah – problem solving.


How to mend a broken heart

My eldest son recently moved out. As sad as that is, it was to be expected since after all he is 23. The empty space he leaves behind can easily be put to use, though. His room is to be a sewing room. With place for a table where the sewing machine can be up at all times and…ta daa!.. more storing opportunities! There’s one free standing closet as well as two built in ones. Since all my fabrics have until now been jammed into one closet in my bedroom…Image

you all know where I’m getting, right?

Yep. I’ve started to move over part of my stash to the empty closet and will move the closet in my room to stand beside it as soon as we move the last of his things. I’m soo excited!

And lets see how long the Imagenew one stays as organized as it’s started.


As much as I enjoy making my own clothes from scratch, there’s something about mending which gives me the utmost satisfaction. Maybe it’s the feeling of bringing something back from the dead. Quite often I have used the piece for a while with a button missing, or an inconvenient hole someplace. When I put the mended thing on, there’s always a happy surprise that it now functions as it should. Since I enjoy the mending so much, I have no intentions of making it invisible.Image

Don't need to be cool to be kind.

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