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Dress me up


My new doll’s been put to use. I’m working on the Party in pink dress to be ready for a party on Friday. As much as I swore of the fabric sliding, the parts came out pretty good. I’ve also decided to give it a full lining, which isn’t in the recipe. I’ve always looked for quick solutions, but somewhere along the line, I’ve noticed how I like the things I work on to take time. To be careful with details and redo what is needed. Have I grown up?


The silent assistant

Foto-0815I got one of these for Christmas and look forward to many new dresses! It fits nicely into my new sewing room, although I had to put it behind the door so as not to jump from the  dark shadow of a “person” silently standing there every time I pass the room

What I made for Christmas


This is made with needle felting technique. You stick needles into combed wool to mold and shape it. Like drawing in 3D as my son said.

New retro pants

I’ve come to realize that almost all my pants are getting too worn to wear, so i’ll need some new ones. Foto-0590This is my favorite pants pattern I think. My mother bought it and used it in the seventies to make some pants for my dad. I’ve used it on several occasions. Apart from being an awesome design, they have seam allowances already marked on the paper, so no worries- ready to copy. ImageImage

As much as I appreciate multi size patterns, the copying and adding of seam allowance is a work I dread.

And oh yes, the fabric is a wool blend- no sliding! This is gonna be great!

UFO no more

January seems to be the month for unfinished objects to turn into finished ones. So here goesImageImage

Dressed for success II

In my last post I mentioned a show I’d set up and the costumes I’ve made for it. In this charleston number I used the flapper dress I made this summer. It works just as I had hoped it would

Dressed for success I

This fall was extremely busy as I set up a show to celbrate my ten years as a dance teacher. I made choreos, practised and drilled my students, designed a poster, made food for the dancers, booked a stage and staff to help with light and sound, artists for guest appearances, and yes, the reason I’m sharing this on my sewing blog, used some costumes I’d made myself. This one is inspired by the early twentieth century. I really like the back Image

and It’s on the poster as well.Image

And this is how it moves

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