Bees in the bonnet

Lately, these last few months or so, I’ve started several project and finished almost none.

This has been due to several reasons such as lack of time or energy and warm weather never setting in, but also what I call the WTF factor.

When I start making something, it’s always with a very vague idea of what the finished item will look like. Yeah sure, I have the material, and sometimes a pattern as well, sometimes even a pattern with a photo on it, but still. The picture shows someone else with a thing made from a different fabric- I don’t have the mind to see myself or my future finished thing. So I’ll set to work, usually with a happy, confident stride and when the time comes to try it on I’ll think- WTF! This isn’t what I had in mind! This is of course because I only had a very vague idea to start with, so it’s virtually impossible to meet my very etherical expectations. Also, the item will look “bad” because it’s a sketch, you know what I mean, it has no buttons so I’m holding it together, or it hasn’t had it’s curves cut, whatever. What I’m getting at is that at this point I need to start my problem solving and go on. And this is actually quite often fun, although sometimes I get caught in blaming my lack of skills or my general hybris by taking on more than I can handle.

Now lately when I’d abandoned so many projects at this point I didn’t give myself the chance to show I can do this, I didn’t give myself the satisfaction that finishing something usually does, I didn’t give myself the challenge of actually solving the riddle, I just left. In short, I wasn’t being nice to myself.

So this bonnet had to be made for a show this Friday, no pattern, made from whatever was at hand at home, and by Jove, it’s done!

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  1. Ja, men strålande! 🙂 Inte för att jag har tvivlat på dina förmågor. Tycker du ror i land avancerade projekt som jag bara skulle kunna drömma om att själv kunna navigera i hamn! Och var i hela fridens namn tog användningen av hättor vägen?? En tanke jag aldrig tänkt tidigare 🙂


    • Ah, men du får inte se alla mina misslyckade projekt:) Men ja, hättor. Ibland tar man på sig ett plagg och förflyttas genast till en sagobok, så var det med den här. Jag kände mig som Rödluvans mormor, mrs Bennet och köksan i Downton Abbey på samma gång.


  2. What an honest post! Loving the hat!

    I understand what you mean – I have that too! Sometimes the imagination conjures up such a vivid picture that no reality will match! I unearthed a few unfinished projects a while ago – it was quite satisfying because not only had my skills improved enough to fix the problems but it meant I got a lot of projects finished relatively quickly!


  3. Posted by Crazyqstitcher on May 19, 2017 at 3:00 am

    And a Very pretty bonnet it is too.
    You might be interested in checking Sharon Boggon’s post in Facebook TAST yesterday. “Could sampling be your creative superpower”


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