20170616_132101[1]When I grew up I used to love my mom’s button-box. In it were all kinds of pretty buttons and you could rummage your fingers through them and feel their smoothness and hear the rattling sound they made.

Now I have my own and I still like it for the same reasons. However, it’s not of much use to me. When I buy buttons in thrift stores, I’ll go after the prettiest and most extravagant ones n’est-ce pas? Which is fine, I might find a use for them, but usually what I need is to replace one button that’s lost and then I’d need a reather plain one. And if I am to use the flashy ones,  there’s never enough of them, is there?

Right now I’m sitting on two UF’os that need 5 buttons each. Seems I’m gonna have to head for the fabric store anyways, despit me treasure chest at home

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  1. You could use different buttons? I don’t know what you’re making, but say it’s a blue dress (or blouse) and you only have four matching blue buttons. Use those at the bottom and find a contrasting one, for instance a cool statement button, to use on top. Doesn’t need to be the exact same size either, can be larger.


    • Yes, that’s an idea. I very seldom make things that need buttons out of sheer laziness. But my problem here is also that I don’t think ANY of the buttons in my stash work at all. Strange:)


  2. Jag älskar oxå knappar sedan barnsben och har en diger, men alltid otillräcklig samling i mina ägor med. 😁


  3. Posted by shoes15 on July 2, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    This exact thing happened to me this week. I rummaged through my stash of thrift store buttons only to find that I didn’t have enough for my project. But they’re pretty, no?


  4. I have three button tins as I love them so much. I tend to use mine for decoration or embroidery and so end up with lots of plain ones left over. I then buy more pretty ones and that’s why I have three button tins.


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