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If life’s a bowl of cherries…

…why is it so damn hard to take a picture of a bra while I’m wearing it?


The perspective is really weird, but it’s finished at least, and not a minute too soon, since my old ones are literally falling apart. I made it in double fabrics, but the covering cherry print rips reaaaalllly easy, so don’t know for how long this one will be amongst the living.

Celebrity meets

20140629_163930Really happy after my class yesterday with Beverly Johnson from Bramakers. This woman is a living oracle when it comes to pattern construction for bras and underwear. I’ve read her blog for years and bought supplies from the web store Bramakers supply I strongly recommend her site for anyone interested in this, and by all means, take a class with her if you can! Please not that I’m just a very happy customer.

And in two weeks, Dolly Parton is coming as well, although I doubt I’ll have the chance to be in the same picture as her.

To be Madonna. Or almost

Done! A favorite alreadyFoto-1196

Brushing up my skills


This weekend I’m taking a class with Beverly Johnson, founder of Bra makers supply. So I’m brushing up my skills. She blogs about her classes at Life of a fairy bra mother

Broken bra benefit


I realized it was time to mend my bras when the last one gave in on me. They usually suffer from one of two problems:

1. the wire pokes out


2. The elastic comes off the band.


Since I made them, I know how to mend them, and have the material to do it.

Sometimes, I think that’s even more rewarding than the actual making of the bra.


More purple

More purple

This is another of my early outfits. I wanted this one more sober, there are purple sequins sewn on to it that will shine when the light hits them, though.
I made the bra from an old one that fitted really well but I replaced all stretch parts with sturdy cotton. The skirt was made from a rectangular piece of cloth that I more or less sew on to my hips, it’s open in the side. The material is a stretch velvet so it works really well to dance in, The bra is covered in the same fabric.

Photo:  Clara Ingemarsdotter

Not so invisble straps

Today I finished the bra with invisble straps I needed for a strapless evening gown.

Coming to think about it, I doubt I´ll use it the intended way, for obvious reasons


Luckily, I made it with detatchable straps, so it will serve as a halterneck bra for my next dance show. (with straps that are visible but hidden!)

For those interested in making their own bras, I recommend Bra makers supply for patterns and materials. I started sewing bras around 2006/2007 and haven´t bought one ready made since then. Takes a bit of practice, but they fit soo much better and it´s not that difficult.

Good evening beautiful mask

out of this lovely… curtain? (semi shiny, pale green with the leaves in fake velvet)Image

I want to make a stunning fifties evening gown, something like thisImage

only I want it to be strapless.

So I’ll just need to finish the bra with transparent straps I’m working on first

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