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Nothing beats a Burda

For some time now I’ve wanted to sew in linen, but the pieces I’ve got in my stash aren’t really large enough to make something from. I decided to use the purple/blue that I  once made a dress from, and combine it with a white tablecloth that I bought in a second hand store some time ago. It has coffee stains that don’t go away when I wash it, but I like how it’s woven in a checkered pattern.


I’ll use dress 108 from Burda 2/2001, the first Burda I ever bought, and this dress is a favorite I’ve made several times. The Burda magazine brings back memories of my my mom buying it when I was a child.

Since the magazine is 14 years old, it’s probably very outdated, but I don’t worry much about what’s in, I make my own style.

A la turque


This is my latest project,  it’s to be a dance outfit. For a long time I’ve had the idea of some Turkish 19th century inspired thing. A skirt and blouse with another skirt showing underneath. I’m thinking i’ll cut the fabric on the bias and leave one side open. As usual, I’m not at all sure what it’s going to be, I’ll work it out as I go. I found the tassels a while ago, thinking they would go with the outfit, but with this fabric, I’m not sure

Sweets for my sweet

The bardot dress is finished and it’s very sweet. In fact a bit too sweet for my comfort zone. But, I’m sure someone will look great in itImage

Et voilà!

The checkered dress with a pleated skirt is ready at last!


I usually start out with a general idea of what I want and then design as I go. This is fun, but tedious. Some unexpected problem will always show up and sometimes drive me raging mad. When the item is ready I immediately forget all sorrows and think making it was a piece of cake.

Now I’m really, really pleased with this one! I think it has the preppyness of a school uniform, yet a hint of the roaring twenties. The checkered wool gives it a classic air.

However, as I was trying it on while sewing, I realized the fabric itches, meaning I will have to wear it with a slip, meaning it will have to wait to fall. Unless we have a cold and rainy summer.


I’m making a pleated skirt that is to be attatched to a dress I’ve already finished. I’d never made pleats like these before, but how hard can it be, right?

I started by folding and pressing the pleats. Luckily the pattern of the fabric is checkered in small squares, so I just followed them. Foto-0119

When I had finished pressing, I went online to see how others have done with the hem. I had already thought about if it would be easier to hem first and pleat after but decided against it. The explanations I found really didn’t make any sense to me so I decided to proceed  by trial and error.. I tried with a small piece of fabric firtst and then put needlles in the pleats and sew a short seam at the top of each pleat. I think it looks really nice now, but the question of the hemming remains. It worked ok with the small piece of fabric, but will the pleats be ruined on a piece this long?Foto-0122


My new project is to make a dress out of this.Image


I’ll use the Burda 2965Image that I used for my grey dress, but will make the bottom into a pleated skirt. I think it will be awesome and have some vintage feeling to it.

Also, Paddy K has a waistcoat of the same fabric that I made some time ago, maybe some time I’ll talk him into wearing it for Lindy hop.

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