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Not a mess at all


I’ve now cut all the pieces for the top of my dance outfit. I used Stil 23414 as a general guide, but I wanted it to open in the front, to have a square neckline and to be shorter. I want a folkloric feeling to it, and the princess cutting of will see to that. We’ll see how it ends up.


Thinking of a master plan


I’m working too much right now, and don’t sew as much as I would like to (=at all). I think about it a lot, though.

When I started sewing, as a teenager and young adult,  I would cut pieces of fabric out of some general idea, sew them together, try on, pin in front of the mirror and change until it fitted. When the concept of ready made patterns dawned on me, it somehow felt like cheating. Like painting by numbers. Anybody could this, surely, why didn’t they?

The more I’ve worked with patterns, I’ve come to  realize it wasn’t that easy after all. I seem to not have an understanding for 3D, I can’t understand how a dart here will make room there, so I still need to do alterations in front of the mirror, but years of experience have taught me some of the more more orthodox ways to do things.

I’m thinking of this as because I’m right now working on a dance outfit. A dance outfit has some certain requisitions: it MUST allow full  movement. Really. But at the same time I want it to look really nice and not like sweats at all. It should preferably be easy to get in- and out of, due to quick changes between numbers.

Since I’m back to working without a ready made pattern, and thinking of solutions as I go, I get the benefits of truly creative work, which are  pride, bliss and happiness when all is well. And the back side of that which is frustration and  taking up seams when they aren’t.



This is not a Christmas curtain

This is not a Christmas curtain


Anyone can see it’s a lovely dress. really

Photos: Paddy K


Sailor Moon

This was my halloween outfit 2011.Image

Neither my mother nor Paddy K recognized me.

I used a white t-shirt which I cut open at the top, and sew on a sailor’s collar. Had great help from elpheal’s video.

I made the skirt  from the same fabric as the collar. It was a really simple construction,  two rectangles and two triangles in the side, with fitting seams at the waist. A white band at the top The head band is a ribbon I folded to a sharp bend, with a button sewed onto it. I put the same ribbon and buttons on the top of the boots.


I sew the front bow together in the middle to make it stay nice, and put a thread through the top of the sleeves to wrinkle them.

I had the wig and the gloves before, and found the boots at a thrift store

Photo 1:  Petri  Photo 2: Paddy K

More purple

More purple

This is another of my early outfits. I wanted this one more sober, there are purple sequins sewn on to it that will shine when the light hits them, though.
I made the bra from an old one that fitted really well but I replaced all stretch parts with sturdy cotton. The skirt was made from a rectangular piece of cloth that I more or less sew on to my hips, it’s open in the side. The material is a stretch velvet so it works really well to dance in, The bra is covered in the same fabric.

Photo:  Clara Ingemarsdotter

Purple and blue

Purple and blue

I made this outfit in the late nineties when I had danced for just a few years. I still use it occasionally although these days I prefer performing dark fusion

photo: Clara Ingemarsdotter

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