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Starting over

20170402_2143251.jpgLately I seem to have even more difficulties  finishing things than i usually do. I can’t remember when I finished something last. I do know when the last time I started a new project happened, though- it’s today!

I’m making a dance top, sort of like an Indian choli. Constructing a new pattern by merging and modifying old ones. This is one of the things I enjoy most of all when it comes to sewing, but to actually wear the things I make is kinda fun too. Let’s see if this one ever come that far.



Late spring is a busy time in the dance teacher business. When my own shows were over, I stepped in to help others. This last week I’ve been sewing Pink Panther’s tails, tutus and hats for the seven dwarfs like crazy besides  everything else that dance shows require. Way too busy to get any pictures.

Now all that’s left are the loose sequins, feathers and fabric extracts that I sweep up in my sewing room.

Ashes to ashes

These last six months I’ve worked really hard with a dance show. One of the numbers were David Bowie’s Ashes to ashes, since a tribute to him seemed absolutely neccesary. The costumes are supposed to make you think of astronauts lost in space.

There were three of us on stage. I made the overalls, turns out they were the only thing i actually sewed from scratch.

Did  mention this is belly dance fusion?


Just in time!


Yay, my outfit is done!

Well actually it isn’t, I was panic working on it yesterday to have it for last nights performance. Let’s say the insides are a bit sloppy, but hey, the outside is what shows, right:)

Not a mess at all


I’ve now cut all the pieces for the top of my dance outfit. I used Stil 23414 as a general guide, but I wanted it to open in the front, to have a square neckline and to be shorter. I want a folkloric feeling to it, and the princess cutting of will see to that. We’ll see how it ends up.


A la turque


This is my latest project,  it’s to be a dance outfit. For a long time I’ve had the idea of some Turkish 19th century inspired thing. A skirt and blouse with another skirt showing underneath. I’m thinking i’ll cut the fabric on the bias and leave one side open. As usual, I’m not at all sure what it’s going to be, I’ll work it out as I go. I found the tassels a while ago, thinking they would go with the outfit, but with this fabric, I’m not sure

Dressed for success II

In my last post I mentioned a show I’d set up and the costumes I’ve made for it. In this charleston number I used the flapper dress I made this summer. It works just as I had hoped it would

Dressed for success I

This fall was extremely busy as I set up a show to celbrate my ten years as a dance teacher. I made choreos, practised and drilled my students, designed a poster, made food for the dancers, booked a stage and staff to help with light and sound, artists for guest appearances, and yes, the reason I’m sharing this on my sewing blog, used some costumes I’d made myself. This one is inspired by the early twentieth century. I really like the back Image

and It’s on the poster as well.Image

And this is how it moves

The polka dot experience


I made this dress for last Christmas and was really pleased with it. However, since the pattern wasn’t my size I enlarged it and apparently enlarged it too much- I think the knots on my shoulders are too big. After seeing Zibergirl’s version of the dress, I want to make another one, here’s the pattern, a reprint from 1953:


Flapper dress on it’s way

I’ve been working on the slip and also on reattaching several pearls on the top that were coming off. I’m really excited about the way it looks. Have spent quite a bit of time on deciding what the skirt will be like, but think it will be a swirly model with some pleats.


Also- As I was working with the green shiny fabric it occurred to me that it didn’t seem to be the polyester I thought it was, so I burned a little and it actually seems to be silk. A bargain, since I bought it at goodwill.

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