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Seamingly unimportant

Foto-0859My mom taught me to sew, basically, and one of the things she was very careful about was the thread. These days most people seem to use polyester thread (at least that’s what I think since other stuff is getting harder and harder to find). Now, the polyester thread has one big advantage and one big disadvantage: The advantage is that it doesn’t break. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t break. Let’s start with the advantage. A strong thread is very handy. It keeps you from having to resew seams all the time because the thread’s broke off.

The disadvantage with the strong thread, is that if it’s stronger than the material you’re sewing with, and there’s some strain on the seam, the thread will hold, and the fabric will rip. You see this quite often with ready bought clothes- an overlocked thick seam, and a hole beside it. Problem with this is that mending this is far more trouble than sewing a seam with new thread.


So in my book, polyester thread is for polyester fabrics and heavy cottons, linens and such. For thin cotton, wool, silk and any delicate fabric, I use cotton (or silk for silk if available).

How to mend a broken heart

My eldest son recently moved out. As sad as that is, it was to be expected since after all he is 23. The empty space he leaves behind can easily be put to use, though. His room is to be a sewing room. With place for a table where the sewing machine can be up at all times and…ta daa!.. more storing opportunities! There’s one free standing closet as well as two built in ones. Since all my fabrics have until now been jammed into one closet in my bedroom…Image

you all know where I’m getting, right?

Yep. I’ve started to move over part of my stash to the empty closet and will move the closet in my room to stand beside it as soon as we move the last of his things. I’m soo excited!

And lets see how long the Imagenew one stays as organized as it’s started.

Wool lot a lovin


Wool is such a great material to work with. Every time I use it I wonder how come I ever choose something else. It lies still and in place while you chalk it, cut it and sew it. And can easily be pressed into shape. AND comfortable to wear. My all-time favorite.

My snake pants


These pants are made out of a thin cotton fabric with stretch and a shiny finish, several people have asked me what the heck they’re made out of!

Top photo: Anna H

Foto-0093 Foto-0096

More purple

More purple

This is another of my early outfits. I wanted this one more sober, there are purple sequins sewn on to it that will shine when the light hits them, though.
I made the bra from an old one that fitted really well but I replaced all stretch parts with sturdy cotton. The skirt was made from a rectangular piece of cloth that I more or less sew on to my hips, it’s open in the side. The material is a stretch velvet so it works really well to dance in, The bra is covered in the same fabric.

Photo:  Clara Ingemarsdotter

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