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Water damage

20170325_182845I cut a blouse from a vintage pattern I’ve wanted to use for some time now, but always hesitated because really, those waists! I never had a waist like that and I certainly don’t know. Of course they’re meant to be worn with a corset but still.  I figured if I ignored the fitting folds in the back it might actually work.

Because the one side is really shiny, I thougyt it best to check if it would work to spray water on when ironing the seams and it was fine. I ‘m quite often good and irons every seam as I make it, but this time I was lazy and sew several before pressing. After i finished I realized that splashing water on it actually wan’t ok, it had gotten water stained. I’m assuming this is a cotton, it doesn’t feel like silk and it’s one of the fabrics my sister brought me from India so there is a limited supply.


Yes I know fabrics should always be washed behore using.

I can’t decide now if I should make a new one or proceed with the this one and hope the stains don’t show much.


A combination!

I started with the shorts and will do the shorts-shirt-combo to start with. I’m really excited about this one!Image

What’s coming up? Here’s what

What's coming up? Here's what

Compañeros de la vida


I sew everything on this lovely, metallic green Husqvarna from the fifties. I found it in a garbage room in the early nineties, complete with a handy suitcase, instruction book, needles, thread and all.

I’ve had it in for service once, otherwise just feed it some oil every now and then, and it keeps going.


It has a lot of decorative seams apart from the ones you need for different techniques.

The only thing it doesn’t do is overlock seams with cutting which is just as fine. Very few of my creations have been made without taking up some stitches at least once. Either because I make a mistake, or because the fit is bad, or because I change my mind over some design issue. The little cutter must be near at all times.Foto-0088


I don’t have a big cutting table, I do all the work on the floor. An ex partner once gave me these knee pads to use while I crawl around on the floor, and why I don’t use them every time, I don’t know- they’re wonderful!


The mad hatter


Mesmerized by the women on the cover of this Vouge pattern, I brought it to my mother‘s fabric haven, and The woman of a hundred dresses and I set to work.


Of course I had to choose hat B, which seemed the most complicated of them all.

I guess I lack the skills of the women of that time when it comes to accepting complicated and impractical items of clothing attached to the body. Or perhaps with time, I’ll get the hang of it. In the meantime, the hat’s in the closet.Image

Photos: Clara I

On my to do list

On my to do list

This is not a Christmas curtain

This is not a Christmas curtain


Anyone can see it’s a lovely dress. really

Photos: Paddy K


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