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Coming along

I’m working on the swimming suit I promised my mom for Christmas (it’s only March after all) and it’s coming along nicely.

I think all of us who’ve grown a chest have experienced the same frustration when it comes to swimming wear. In the stores you can find skimpy outfits in thin materials that give no support whatsoever. Uncomfortable is just the start of it, beach volleyball? forget it!

So when I finally stumbled on a swimming suit with a built in bra that actually works, my happiness knew no limits. I’ve applied that model when I constructed this one.

First I copied an old swimming suit that my mom had and that fitted her. I then made an extra top half of the front and sew some elastic onto the bottom line as. I decided to have the entire suit in double fabrics as well, for extra sturdiness, and mom has tried on the lining.

The built in bra is attached at the side seam and a band with fasteners will go across the back to make sure the elastic is kept tight.

I will try to get it done berfore this years season is over, but my personal deadline for Christmas gifts is before next Christmas eve, so I have another 287 days or so. Should work.

In Santa’s workshop

Foto-2008When I tried to do some x-mas shopping today, my bank card wouldn’t allow any withdrawals. I got the hint and went home. I have plenty of ideas and patterns and a fabric stash that is plentiful to say the least.

Time to start working.

Sketching a master plan

I’m working on a new dress up project for a statue like this one and this


Since the statues so far have been less than life size, and don’t have moveable limbs, I’ve had to come up with the patterns myself, This has been an unexpected freedom. When I started sewing I made my own patterns, but with experience I just realized that the professional ones were so much better and had thought of all sorts of details for a better fit (Duh) These days I adjust existing patterns to get the look I want.

But it’s been refreshing going back to drawing patterns and even more to cutting the fabric free hand. It’s faster for one thing.

Luck of the Irish



On my to do list are two more comox trunks as they were part of a birthday present. In the store the other day, the receiver found this leprechaun print and of course he must have it. I hadn’t checked beforehand how much fabric was needed, and this was a bit expensive, eco cotton and all, so I estimated. And what do you know, it’s just right, with a little bit extra to use the print in the best way

Brushing up my skills


This weekend I’m taking a class with Beverly Johnson, founder of Bra makers supply. So I’m brushing up my skills. She blogs about her classes at Life of a fairy bra mother

Thinking of a master plan


I’m working too much right now, and don’t sew as much as I would like to (=at all). I think about it a lot, though.

When I started sewing, as a teenager and young adult,  I would cut pieces of fabric out of some general idea, sew them together, try on, pin in front of the mirror and change until it fitted. When the concept of ready made patterns dawned on me, it somehow felt like cheating. Like painting by numbers. Anybody could this, surely, why didn’t they?

The more I’ve worked with patterns, I’ve come to  realize it wasn’t that easy after all. I seem to not have an understanding for 3D, I can’t understand how a dart here will make room there, so I still need to do alterations in front of the mirror, but years of experience have taught me some of the more more orthodox ways to do things.

I’m thinking of this as because I’m right now working on a dance outfit. A dance outfit has some certain requisitions: it MUST allow full  movement. Really. But at the same time I want it to look really nice and not like sweats at all. It should preferably be easy to get in- and out of, due to quick changes between numbers.

Since I’m back to working without a ready made pattern, and thinking of solutions as I go, I get the benefits of truly creative work, which are  pride, bliss and happiness when all is well. And the back side of that which is frustration and  taking up seams when they aren’t.



Breaking my vows

I very clearly remember that day about 2 years ago. I solemnly swore never to buy download patterns again. Never.

Yet here I am. And I remember why I swore in the first place.




I bought this fabric with a dance costume in mind, but haven’t gotten around to it. Have lately considered trousers, but the cotton’s so thin I fear it won’t be heavy enough, even with double hems. A dress perhaps, since spring is coming?

Also, in the wrong direction, from a distance, the pattern gives a sensation of very blurry eyesight. The colors are so nice, though!

Flapper dress on it’s way II


The dress is taking form, but gosh it takes time when it’s design, pattern construction, sewing and problem solving all at once. What to do when there isn’t enough fabric for instance:Image

Copy cat


Today I started working on the charleston dress I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Foto-0317I will use Stil 5357 as a base for the slip, but will modify it for a low waist and a bit more width over the knees. I decided to copy it onto some more durable pattern paper. after all it IS a vintage pattern and it’s become a tiny bit worn. Since I was anyway going to do the work, I added seam allowance and altered the bust darts so it will fit perfectly. yay me!

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