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Pants! Pants! Pants!

So I finally finished my second pair of culottes and I look forward to loving them as much as my first pair which turned out to be a hit.

Now I’ve made quite an effort with these, I decided to line them which I’ve never bothered to do before, but since the fabric is pretty thin I figured it was necessary. I used a beautiful robin blue lining from my stash and used an orange colored zipper- I love how the two colors clash!

They’ve got a very small hem as I wanted to use the pretty gold print at the edge of the fabric. I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t be heavy enough and make them shapeless, but I think it works.

Undergarments to show off


Two more Comox trunks, and the gift is complete.

Even the 15-year old was impressed and claimed to want some. The ultimate compliment, I say.

Camouflage pants

Foto-0687Working on the waistcoat for my son’s birthday, I need something I can pretend I’m working on when he accidentally shows up, So I’m working on these tea time pants at the same time. See how cleverly the pant’s fabric hides the wool on the chair in the living room?


The cars


When I saw this car, I knew I had to have it. On a pair of new pants. I love the dim, sky blue color, the simple design of the car and the white outlinings. When I came home with it, my son pointed out that the vehicles are placed in an intricate pattern, a so called circle. Wow! Again, wow!


Now I feel it would be a shame not to use the pattern, but for what? Perhaps a dress. Need to think about it. And oh, yeah, I realized it’s an IKEA print called Bitterblad, although I bought it at Salvation Army

Just in time

ImageAnd it’s done, and there’s still summer left to use it!

The fabric is a wax print that my sister bought for me in Tanzania, it’s the same on both sides, so I carefully fitted the pattern to be different in the back, very pleased with that back!

Since I wanted the pretty flowers to show, I wanted a dress with a minimum of seams. I choose my old companion Stil 5357, but made it longer and also made the skirt wider. I usually wear my dresses over the knee, so just below is a different feeling, but I like it, makes me feel like a grown up!ImageImage

Summer’s back

So obviously I’ll need another dressImage

and boy, do I appreciate my copying the sewing pattern with seam allowance included!

Big city pants


I’ve been asked innumeral times what city is depicted, and I’m sorry to say I don’t know. A lot of people ask if it’s New York, perhaps because it”s The big city that comes to mind. Several people have, probably from the same chain of association asked if I bought them in New York (No I made them!)

But if anyone recognize a building or know where it is, let me know! Image

The fabric is very stretchy, with a matte finish. No buttons or zippers required, I just pull them on

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