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Baggy trousers


I worked a lot with these. There wasn’t enough fabric to just cut out the pieces, and I decided that although i could have made an invisible seam, adding two smaller parts together, I preferred to make it a detail . You can see it on the front of the left leg.

Pattern is Simplicity 1940’s retro 3688.

I really enjoy it when there is a challenge and a problem to be solved.

however, I think I made a mistake when copying the the pattern, the pants were SO big and I had to take them in in several places, all considering the pattern and how it would look.

And once they were finished… I just don’t care for them. They feel baggy. Reason is probably partly that the fabric is really thin and lightweight. I bought it in a thrift store thinking it was a sturdy canvas like fabric. It smelled of detergent so I assumed it was washed, which it turned out it wasn’t.  What I thought was a sturdy fabric was mostly the starch you add to cheap fabrics. You’d think I’d know by now.

I can’t be bothered to take up the seams in the waist and the hem to redo them. They’ve been sitting on a chair for a moth now, and I think they’ll stay there for a while.


Pants! Again!

I’ve made thes awesome pants for a client, she’s a bit shorter than I, otherwise we have the same measurements.

They’re made from this pattern, a reprinted original from the 1940’s,12209460_10153389266518580_1770048349_o but she wanted them a little less baggy.

Now it’s back to making Christmas presents, then I think I’ll make a pair for myself

In Santa’s workshop

Foto-2008When I tried to do some x-mas shopping today, my bank card wouldn’t allow any withdrawals. I got the hint and went home. I have plenty of ideas and patterns and a fabric stash that is plentiful to say the least.

Time to start working.

Checkers and stripes

I’m making these pants on commission. After making the muslin she’s to try on I decided I like the pants so much I’ll make a pair for myselt.

In my stash was a wool that was perfect, as I was about to cut it I realizes it’s checkered on one side and striped on the other. Which to use? I think I like the checkers a little bit more, but the striped side is shinier. On the other side, the non shiny side is perhaps a tiny bit itchy?


Now I’m lost in indesicion. I’ll zig zag the parts at least, and hope I come to a conclusion.

Another sixties dress

claraochjag_nThe pink dress got ready for my party last Friday, and looks really nice. The little jacket that’s supposed to be used with it is more or less ready, but I managed to hem the sleeves inside out and lost interest for the time beingImageImage

Dress me up


My new doll’s been put to use. I’m working on the Party in pink dress to be ready for a party on Friday. As much as I swore of the fabric sliding, the parts came out pretty good. I’ve also decided to give it a full lining, which isn’t in the recipe. I’ve always looked for quick solutions, but somewhere along the line, I’ve noticed how I like the things I work on to take time. To be careful with details and redo what is needed. Have I grown up?

New retro pants

I’ve come to realize that almost all my pants are getting too worn to wear, so i’ll need some new ones. Foto-0590This is my favorite pants pattern I think. My mother bought it and used it in the seventies to make some pants for my dad. I’ve used it on several occasions. Apart from being an awesome design, they have seam allowances already marked on the paper, so no worries- ready to copy. ImageImage

As much as I appreciate multi size patterns, the copying and adding of seam allowance is a work I dread.

And oh yes, the fabric is a wool blend- no sliding! This is gonna be great!

Long time no sea


I love the sixties and I love OP. This is a two piece in a rather heavy stretch fabric. The opening for the head got a bit big so I made two pleats, which make a nice detail, I think. All purely my own design.


Details, details

ImageImageWell, well, well, if my twenties dress isn’t just about ready! One last detail to sew on, iron and…tomorrow I’ll get some help taking pictures with me in it.

I’ve hand sewn more than I usually do which has taken forever, but had the good in it that my hand sewing has improved (unless it’s the other way around).

I needed a patch to cover a waistband that was just too short and used decoration seams instead of sequins in order to match the neck-lining.


The polka dot experience


I made this dress for last Christmas and was really pleased with it. However, since the pattern wasn’t my size I enlarged it and apparently enlarged it too much- I think the knots on my shoulders are too big. After seeing Zibergirl’s version of the dress, I want to make another one, here’s the pattern, a reprint from 1953:


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