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Fitting issues

I’ve mentiioned before how I love mending, and this is a related topic. When I first made this dress, the bust darts were too high, (I’ve discussed reasons for that here). It made the dress a bit snug and flattens my chest a little, I’ve long thought about moving those seams but were top lazy. Until today.


I tried the dress on and marked where my highest bust point were. I then ripped the seams and pressed a new fold from right before the highest point to where the fold had started before, I drew a line with a pen and a liner to make it easier to sew and ta daa! Much better fit. Why did I take so long to do this?

Seams strange

I’m finishing off my dress, and for  decorative seam around the neck I choose nr 2 down at the far left.Image

Much to my surprise another seam came out, but I decided to keep it since tearing it up might make the fabric or seamline go ugly. Image

Even more to my surprise, I notice after a while the machine is making the seam I originally choose! Luckily the transition is at one of the shoulders, so now the front looks slightly different from the back. Maybe the machine is getting a little bit worn?Image


I’m making a pleated skirt that is to be attatched to a dress I’ve already finished. I’d never made pleats like these before, but how hard can it be, right?

I started by folding and pressing the pleats. Luckily the pattern of the fabric is checkered in small squares, so I just followed them. Foto-0119

When I had finished pressing, I went online to see how others have done with the hem. I had already thought about if it would be easier to hem first and pleat after but decided against it. The explanations I found really didn’t make any sense to me so I decided to proceed  by trial and error.. I tried with a small piece of fabric firtst and then put needlles in the pleats and sew a short seam at the top of each pleat. I think it looks really nice now, but the question of the hemming remains. It worked ok with the small piece of fabric, but will the pleats be ruined on a piece this long?Foto-0122

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