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Say yes to the dress


I finished my mixed fabric dress just in time for the party. It’s the Burda pattern,  but i added a narrow belt and one of them flat fake bows to give it a sixties look.



I commute a lot, usually I read or draw, but it occurred to me there was more, so yesterday I brought some yarn and crochet needles and started. I haven’t done this for years, and not followed any directions either- I do  a lot of freewheeling- but decided I would try this blouse. It’s so fun! And the  travelling is way too short.


Another sixties dress

claraochjag_nThe pink dress got ready for my party last Friday, and looks really nice. The little jacket that’s supposed to be used with it is more or less ready, but I managed to hem the sleeves inside out and lost interest for the time beingImageImage

Party in pink


I started on this great outfit after some debating if I should really make another sixties dress since I don’t use a corset. Copying the pattern was really difficult, not to mention cutting it. Why? Glad you asked. Somehow I had forgotten how polyester always slides. This is a crepe, and you’d think it’d lay steady – NUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Will be really interesting to see if it fits at all. To complicate matters more, there isn’t enough fabric for the jacket, so I’ll need to decide how to compensate for that. Remind me again why this is fun?

Oh, yeah – problem solving.


Long time no sea


I love the sixties and I love OP. This is a two piece in a rather heavy stretch fabric. The opening for the head got a bit big so I made two pleats, which make a nice detail, I think. All purely my own design.


A combination!

I started with the shorts and will do the shorts-shirt-combo to start with. I’m really excited about this one!Image

What’s coming up? Here’s what

What's coming up? Here's what

The magician

Yesterday at a dance event I saw a girl wearing a lovely, green sixties-style dress with a twenties air to it. It had a pretty wide collar and a low waist. I asked if I could take a picture of it but she said no, so I’ve just made a rough sketch out of memory.

On the way home, my friend said “what? you mean you know how a dress is made just from looking at it?”

well, yes. that’s sort of the point:)


Dress itch

It’s time to make another dress. These two fabrics have been patiently waiting for the longest time, they’re a polyester blend which I don’t really like, but the pattern is cool enough to make up for it I think.

I’ve had enough of tight fitted waists for a while and will go back to the straight 60’s styleImage

But which? I came across these at a thrift store the other day so very likely one of them. ImageOr the classic from Burda 1/2001Image

More work than necessary

My last dress is finished except the hem, can’t decide if I’ll put a ribbon round it or just fold it.Image I used one of my vintage patterns that looks really cool for the second time. Only it’s a 38 and I’m not, so I had to alter it.

Last time it became waaay to big and I had to take it in and make a nice pleat in the front to make it fit. Image

This time I decided I wouldn’t be so generous with the alterations, and yes, you guessed it, it was to small so I had to let it out instead.

Really, why bother with all this when I have literally hundreds of patterns?  It’s not THAT special! Although I  really like how the other one came out in the end. Photo green dress: Paddy K


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