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A skirt


Another statue dressed up. I’m enjoying this.

Getting there


My dance skirt is coming along just great! I feared I wouldn’t have it ready for a show on the 25th, but a day off changed my perspective

In the end I decided to stitch both side seams, after contemplating some smart fastening device on one side to get into it more easily. I used a sturdy, broad elastic sewn onto the waist and folded over- I wanted to be able to step into the skirt. (at shows there’s sweat and make up to consider when changing outfits quickly, the over-your-head alternative is an unnecessary stress adder:)


At the pictures, I have just hand sewn the left side onto me (as well as onto my underwear) and haven’t yet put a fastener at the waist.

Need to hem it and then I can start working on the top!

Checkered dance skirt

Foto-1093 Foto-1092Foto-1094I’m working on this dance outfit, and started with the skirt. I modified Stil 22761, making it longer, with a low waist  and also making the front into one part. I copied it all to thick tracing paper, adding the seam allowance. Since I wanted the skirt cut on the bias, and the fabric already is a slinky polyester, I carefully pinned the pattern onto the fabric and cut it with my roller cutter,  to avoid the fabric from  sliding. It worked really well. The little squares in the weaving made it easy to see I was exactly on the bias, I drew a line across the pattern to make sure it was right.

Long time no sea


I love the sixties and I love OP. This is a two piece in a rather heavy stretch fabric. The opening for the head got a bit big so I made two pleats, which make a nice detail, I think. All purely my own design.



I’m making a pleated skirt that is to be attatched to a dress I’ve already finished. I’d never made pleats like these before, but how hard can it be, right?

I started by folding and pressing the pleats. Luckily the pattern of the fabric is checkered in small squares, so I just followed them. Foto-0119

When I had finished pressing, I went online to see how others have done with the hem. I had already thought about if it would be easier to hem first and pleat after but decided against it. The explanations I found really didn’t make any sense to me so I decided to proceed  by trial and error.. I tried with a small piece of fabric firtst and then put needlles in the pleats and sew a short seam at the top of each pleat. I think it looks really nice now, but the question of the hemming remains. It worked ok with the small piece of fabric, but will the pleats be ruined on a piece this long?Foto-0122

Sailor Moon

This was my halloween outfit 2011.Image

Neither my mother nor Paddy K recognized me.

I used a white t-shirt which I cut open at the top, and sew on a sailor’s collar. Had great help from elpheal’s video.

I made the skirt  from the same fabric as the collar. It was a really simple construction,  two rectangles and two triangles in the side, with fitting seams at the waist. A white band at the top The head band is a ribbon I folded to a sharp bend, with a button sewed onto it. I put the same ribbon and buttons on the top of the boots.


I sew the front bow together in the middle to make it stay nice, and put a thread through the top of the sleeves to wrinkle them.

I had the wig and the gloves before, and found the boots at a thrift store

Photo 1:  Petri  Photo 2: Paddy K

More purple

More purple

This is another of my early outfits. I wanted this one more sober, there are purple sequins sewn on to it that will shine when the light hits them, though.
I made the bra from an old one that fitted really well but I replaced all stretch parts with sturdy cotton. The skirt was made from a rectangular piece of cloth that I more or less sew on to my hips, it’s open in the side. The material is a stretch velvet so it works really well to dance in, The bra is covered in the same fabric.

Photo:  Clara Ingemarsdotter

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