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Pants! Again!

I’ve made thes awesome pants for a client, she’s a bit shorter than I, otherwise we have the same measurements.

They’re made from this pattern, a reprinted original from the 1940’s,12209460_10153389266518580_1770048349_o but she wanted them a little less baggy.

Now it’s back to making Christmas presents, then I think I’ll make a pair for myself

Just in time!


Yay, my outfit is done!

Well actually it isn’t, I was panic working on it yesterday to have it for last nights performance. Let’s say the insides are a bit sloppy, but hey, the outside is what shows, right:)

Dressed for success II

In my last post I mentioned a show I’d set up and the costumes I’ve made for it. In this charleston number I used the flapper dress I made this summer. It works just as I had hoped it would

The polka dot experience


I made this dress for last Christmas and was really pleased with it. However, since the pattern wasn’t my size I enlarged it and apparently enlarged it too much- I think the knots on my shoulders are too big. After seeing Zibergirl’s version of the dress, I want to make another one, here’s the pattern, a reprint from 1953:


Gorgeous in grey.

ImageThis has become one of my favorite dresses. Originally, I made for Lindy Hop, since the fabric gave me thirties to fifties vibes. However, lately I find myself wearing the dress almost daily.

The woven wool is cool (yes, wool is not necessarily hot, it just keeps your body an even temperature), it’s a blend so I can rinse it and hang dry it in just a few hours.

I like the simple, but classy design of the pattern, looks kind of boring on the sheet (ImageBurda 2965), but turns out really nice, I’ve made several, so I know. I made the short version, but without pockets, and with a full back .

I made three slits in the back instead of just one, as well as two in the sides, to make it more interesting and for variation.


Representing Latvia

My partner and I were invited to a Eurovision party. We were supposed to bring food from a randomly selected country, in our case Latvia. I at once started thinking of costumes, and inspired by the red and white Latvian flag, thought of sailor’s costumes. So I set to work. The hats were found by my partner a few weeks before the event.

I’m also thinking they will serve well at some  Lindy hop event.

Photo: Harvey S


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