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Bees in the bonnet

Lately, these last few months or so, I’ve started several project and finished almost none.

This has been due to several reasons such as lack of time or energy and warm weather never setting in, but also what I call the WTF factor.

When I start making something, it’s always with a very vague idea of what the finished item will look like. Yeah sure, I have the material, and sometimes a pattern as well, sometimes even a pattern with a photo on it, but still. The picture shows someone else with a thing made from a different fabric- I don’t have the mind to see myself or my future finished thing. So I’ll set to work, usually with a happy, confident stride and when the time comes to try it on I’ll think- WTF! This isn’t what I had in mind! This is of course because I only had a very vague idea to start with, so it’s virtually impossible to meet my very etherical expectations. Also, the item will look “bad” because it’s a sketch, you know what I mean, it has no buttons so I’m holding it together, or it hasn’t had it’s curves cut, whatever. What I’m getting at is that at this point I need to start my problem solving and go on. And this is actually quite often fun, although sometimes I get caught in blaming my lack of skills or my general hybris by taking on more than I can handle.

Now lately when I’d abandoned so many projects at this point I didn’t give myself the chance to show I can do this, I didn’t give myself the satisfaction that finishing something usually does, I didn’t give myself the challenge of actually solving the riddle, I just left. In short, I wasn’t being nice to myself.

So this bonnet had to be made for a show this Friday, no pattern, made from whatever was at hand at home, and by Jove, it’s done!

Can’t help myself


I found this stray machine left to itself near a garbage station. I couldn’t resist it’s pleading eyes and took it home. A bit cocky with my previous experience of fixing a broken machine I thought maybe I could save this one as well?

After taking it apart, I’d say I can. It’s in good shape, but a lot of pieces are missing, such as the bobbin case, one of the gears, the pedal and the attatchement pieces for the needle and the foot. Buying all that new is more than I can afford at the moment, so I’ll just keep it for a while. Maybe I’ll find another one, and build them together to one.

It’s alive!


I did it!

Here are the brittle, broken machine parts all in plastic that had to be replaced on a Singer 533. It took some time.

When the new parts came I tried to take the old ones out. Didn’t work, the screwdrivers didn’ get a grip. So my son finds one that he once got with a Donald Duck magazine, and that one fit. Good thing we never throw anything out in this house.. When looking closer I realized those round little holes where actually tiny hex screws, so I went to my mom’s  place to borrow her keys. The 2 was to small and the 3 to big, was there a 2,5 to be found? Went to the store to get one, nope the 2,5 didn’t fit either. Found out there are actually metric and inch size hex screws. Who wudda known? I always figured they were just numbers. Anyway ebay had the inch sized ones. Ah at last progress.

Ok, so the parts had to be taken off in a certain order since some of the drives are sitting on long bars, passing through holders and….and so on. But I did it. I got them all off and the new ones on.

Today I was going to see if it worked to sew.

Nah. The fabric wouldn’t feed and move forward. Were any of the parts sitting backwards or something? Then I tried to reverse and that went fine so nothing wrong with the feeding gear then. Disappointed and frustrated I searched the internet and Heureka! A function for special stitches was apparently on, put that on zero and YES!

It’s loud compared to my Husqvarna, but it’s working.

And i added sewing machine repair person to my CV


The brittle dress

ImageThis dress is made out of two different patterns. The blouse is from the vintage pattern on the left below. It’s unfortunately incomplete, but I love the look of it! I’ve made a few blouses from it before, but this got way to short so I wanted to make a dress. I took the skirt from the pattern on the right and I think the result is really good. I like the retro feeling of the fabric, and I think the print is awesome.

The fabric is a real lightweight silk, and since the waist is really slim, it broke in some strong lindy hop moves. I will need to reinforce the seams and leave more room for my belly, and perhaps use it in less acrobatic circumstancesImage


The mad hatter


Mesmerized by the women on the cover of this Vouge pattern, I brought it to my mother‘s fabric haven, and The woman of a hundred dresses and I set to work.


Of course I had to choose hat B, which seemed the most complicated of them all.

I guess I lack the skills of the women of that time when it comes to accepting complicated and impractical items of clothing attached to the body. Or perhaps with time, I’ll get the hang of it. In the meantime, the hat’s in the closet.Image

Photos: Clara I

Et voilà!

The checkered dress with a pleated skirt is ready at last!


I usually start out with a general idea of what I want and then design as I go. This is fun, but tedious. Some unexpected problem will always show up and sometimes drive me raging mad. When the item is ready I immediately forget all sorrows and think making it was a piece of cake.

Now I’m really, really pleased with this one! I think it has the preppyness of a school uniform, yet a hint of the roaring twenties. The checkered wool gives it a classic air.

However, as I was trying it on while sewing, I realized the fabric itches, meaning I will have to wear it with a slip, meaning it will have to wait to fall. Unless we have a cold and rainy summer.

On my to do list

On my to do list

Green summer dress

ImageThis is a dress I really like. Like many of my of me recent dresses I intended it for Lindy Hop, and it works really well for that, being a very lightweight cotton. But I particularly like the pale green color (that doesn’t seem to come out right on the screen) and the vintage-feeling pattern on the fabric.Image And the picture on the sewing pattern is to kill for! ImageDidn’t get to make the jacket yet, but most definitely will some time.

Photo: Tomas

Denim dreams

ImageThis is one of my first creations. A jacket made from old jeans. I was really proud of it and wore it for several years. Notice the collar made from a waistline. Image

I had mended the jeans I’m wearing with red and white striped patches The year was 1986

Black and white photo: Pontus E


My new project is to make a dress out of this.Image


I’ll use the Burda 2965Image that I used for my grey dress, but will make the bottom into a pleated skirt. I think it will be awesome and have some vintage feeling to it.

Also, Paddy K has a waistcoat of the same fabric that I made some time ago, maybe some time I’ll talk him into wearing it for Lindy hop.

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